Welcome to the USS Ascension

Ascension is a text based role-playing experience in which you amerce yourself in the universe that is Star Trek. This is your chance to be a member of Starfleet, a service maintained by the United Federation of Planets "The Federation". Its principal mission is for conducting deep-space exploration, research, defence, peacekeeping, and diplomacy. Set nine (9) years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis 2002 film and taking into account the events that unfolded in relation to the destruction of Romulus and Remus in Star Trek's 2009 film.

As a writer, you will create and record for history, the story of your main character. You will get the chance to interact with this small community in a way no other medium does, explore adventures that you create and write together, solve mysteries and challenges, and make new friends.

You can watch as your character develops, works their way through the Starfleet ranks, receive awards and special commendations, or make a decision that jeopardises you and the crew of the Ascension and sees your character demoted. Maybe fall in love or discover a nemesis that's hell bent on killing you.

It's all about the journey... so let's all start exploring together!

The USS Ascension is a proud member of Bravo Fleet and Task Force 93, an organisation with an extraordinary history and dedication to longevity spanning 20 years. If you think you have what it takes and can fully subscribe to our requirements, follow the rules of the fleet and those of the ship, please begin your application by following the link below.

Which Path Will You Take?

Taking part in a new simm, whether your experienced or this is your first, can be mind-boggling. To ease you into the process we would like you to consider just three questions. Which department really interests me and that my character service in? What species will they be? Are they the type that enjoys exams and studying or did they want to escape as quickly as possible? Decide that and thats the hardest part done. The next step is to join! Simple.

One of the key factors to think about before joining the USS Ascension is which department you wish to serve under. There are so many choices and can be a little overwhelming, so we have highlighted just 8 departments to help you on your way.

  • Command


    The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.
    Many start within one of the other divisions before working their way up to command, but all undergo intensive training before they don the red collar.

    Technology Knowledge: Moderate
    Minimum Experience: High
  • Security & Tactical

    Security & Tactical

    Merging the responsibilities of ship-to-ship and personnel combat into a single department, the security & tactical department is responsible for the tactical readiness of the vessel and the security of the ship. At least one Security Officer should accompany all away teams.

    Main Responsibility: Monitoring the internal safety of ship, working to keep out intruders or turnabout crewmembers.

    Other Responsibilities: The transporters, shuttle bays, cargo bays, security away teams, and armoury inventories.

    Technology Knowledge: Low
    Minimum Experience: None
  • Operations


    The operations department is responsible for keeping ship systems functioning properly, rerouting power, bypassing relays, and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the ship operating at peak efficiency.

    Main Responsibility: Scheduling of all major resources between departments (e.g., deflector dish, reserving of holodecks, etc.), co-ordination of away missions, monitoring of the ship's communications.

    Other Responsibilities: Bridge liaison to engineering department. Sending and receiving distress signals, locating important people on or off the ship, sending and receiving: Ship to ground, ship to ship, and ship to StarBase communications.

    Technology Knowledge: Low
    Minimum Experience: None
  • Science


    From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

    Main Responsibility: Providing and recording mission related data on anomalies, alien races etc, stellar mapping.

    Other Responsibilities: Observation projects, planetary surveys, interstellar medium studies, cultural and life form studies.

    Technology Knowledge: High
    Minimum Experience: Moderate
  • Medical & Counceling


    The medical & counseling department is responsible for the mental and physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combatting a strange plague that is afflicting the crew to helping a crew member deal with the loss of a loved one.

    Main Responsibility: The physical well being and health of the crew and civilians on board.

    Other Responsibilities: Medical and scientific research, working collaboratively with science personnel.

    Technology Knowledge: High
    Minimum Experience: Moderate


    Main Responsibility: Maintaining the mental well being of the crew and civilians on board.

    Other Responsibilities: Advising the captain or commanding officer on any matters which may effect the mental stability or well being of the crew or civilians on board.

    Technology Knowledge: Moderate
    Minimum Experience: Low
  • Engineering


    The engineering department has the enormous task of keeping the ship working; they are responsible for making repairs, fixing problems, and making sure that the ship is ready for anything.

    Main Responsibility: The overseeing and monitoring of the physical aspects of the ship, repairing any damaged or defective systems, adapting systems for specific missions/circumstances..

    Other Responsibilities: Ensuring peak performance from all systems, maintenance work, system upgrades.

    Technology Knowledge: High
    Minimum Experience: Moderate
  • Marine Detachment

    Marine Detachment

    When the standard security detail is not enough, marines come in and clean up; the marine detachment is a powerful tactical addition to any ship, responsible for partaking in personal combat, from sniping to melee.

    Technology Knowledge: Low
    Minimum Experience: None
  • Starfighter Wing

    Starfighter Wing

    The best pilots in Starfleet, they are responsible for piloting the starfighters in ship-to-ship battles, as well as providing escort for shuttles, and runabouts.

    Technology Knowledge: Low
    Minimum Experience: None

This is not all the races you can play about the Ascension, just to give you some ideas. When picking a species it really depends on your overall knowledge of Star Trek, although it isn't important there is enough information online to give you everything you need to know about each race, you might like to opt for Human. If you decide to go for Trill remember that being joined is rare.

  • Human


    The Humans (Homo sapiens), also known as Terrans, were a warp-capable humanoid species from the Alpha Quadrant. The species originated from the planet Earth in the Sol system. Humans were the only surviving race of several sentient/intelligent species to have evolved from the Genus Homo. Humans were also one of two known spacefaring intelligent species to have originated from Earth; the other being the Voth, who had come to live in the Delta Quadrant by the 24th century.
  • Vulcan


    The Vulcans, or Vulcanians, are a warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Vulcan. They are widely known for their logical minds and stoic culture.
  • Trill


    The Trill (or Trills) were a humanoid species native to the planet Trill. A small percentage of the Trill population co-existed with a sentient symbiotic organism known as a symbiont inside their bodies. The resulting joined Trills had personalities which were a synthesis of the two beings including the memories, and to some extent the personalities, of the previous hosts of the symbiont. This way, the joined being gained all the skills and occupations of the previous hosts. As late as 2367, the fact that some Trills exist as a joined symbiotic species was widely unknown, even to Federation scientists.
  • Andorian


    The Andorians were a warp-capable humanoid species from the moon Andoria, capital of the Andorian Empire. Most Andorians were blue-skinned, with white or silver hair. The Aenar had white skin and, unlike blue-skinned Andorians, were blind and telepathic. Andorians and Aenar were genetically compatible, able to produce hybrid offspring together.Andorians had a higher metabolic rate than Humans, which could theoretically permit a Human opponent to best an Andorian in hand-to-hand combat by simply exhausting them. This also made them especially vulnerable to phase-pulse infection; even minor phase injuries could prove fatal. However, they demonstrated resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions. In a climate where the temperature was near the boiling point of water, an Andorian could still thrive, despite losing ten percent of their body weight in two days.
  • Bajoran


    The Bajorans (also known as the "Bajora") were a humanoid species native to the planet Bajor in the Alpha Quadrant. The Bajorans had one of the oldest and richest cultures in the quadrant, though in the 24th century, they suffered greatly at the hands of the Cardassian Union. With their liberation from the Cardassians and the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole in 2369, the Bajorans were thrust onto the interstellar stage.

    Bajorans resembled Humans in appearance. They were distinguished by a series of four to seven horizontal creases across their noses.
  • Ferengi


    The Ferengi were a warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Ferenginar. Ferengi civilization was built on a caricature of free enterprise, where earning profit was the sole meaningful goal in life, superseding all other endeavors.

    On average, Ferengi were shorter than Humans. They had orange-brown colored skin, long blue toenails and blue fingernails, enlarged skulls, wrinkled noses, and sharp teeth. Internally, they had ascending ribs and upper and lower lungs, as well as an unusual four-lobed brain that could not be read by telepathic species such as Betazoids.
  • Betazoid


    The Betazoids were a telepathic humanoid civilization originating from the Federation planet Betazed.

    Externally, Betazoids were physically indistinguishable from Humans in every aspect but one: the irises of their eyes were completely black. They could cross-breed with Humans, along with other humanoid races like Klingons and Tavnians. Betazoids were natural telepaths, an ability centered in their paracortex, with psilosynine being a main neurotransmitter. Most developed their telepathic skill in adolescence, but a few were born with their telepathic abilities already active.
  • Klingon


    The Klingons were a humanoid warrior species that originated from the planet Qo'noS (pronounced Kronos), an M-class planet in the Beta Quadrant. One of the major powers of the galaxy, the Klingons were a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor and combat. The aggressive Klingon culture had made them an interstellar military power to be respected and feared.

Something that is often overlooked as 99.9% of character created players automatically opt for Officer. When you consider that 64% of the Ascension population is either Warrant or Enlisted.

  • Officer


    In the Federation Starfleet, an officer or commissioned officer was an individual who had attended and graduated from the four-year cadet program of Starfleet Academy.Upon graduation from the Academy, the cadet was granted a commission appointing him or her to the rank of Ensign, or in exceptional circumstances Lieutenant junior grade. Trades such as Doctor or Counselor graduated as a Lieutenant junior grade as standard due to the extra time spent studying before graduating.

    Commissioned officers and enlisted officers were distinguished from other crewmembers through the use of a rank structure.
  • Warrant


    A warrant officer is a type of title used in a military or service organization for a specialised type of personnel who are not commissioned officers, but carry an officer's responsibility due to advanced technical skills. Warrant officers may hold a place in command hierarchy equal or subordinate to those with officer ranks, and in command of enlisted personnel. A basic warrant officer may be moved ahead in grade as a warrant officer first class and master warrant officer. The most senior grade of warrant officer is chief warrant officer.
  • Enlisted


    In Starfleet, an enlisted crewperson is one who has not completed the four-year Starfleet Academy course. Enlisted crewmen receive basic training, along with any specific courses required for their position at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars, before being posted.

    As with commissioned officers, there is a rank structure among enlisted crew. The term "non-commissioned officer" refers specifically to any enlisted personnel given authority over other personnel.

    Most of a starship's or starbase's staff consist of enlisted personnel. These people carry out the day-to-day operations and maintenance that allows Starfleet to function. Enlisted personnel man the photon torpedo launchers during a red alert, treat minor scrapes and burns in sickbay, keep the ship’s shuttlecraft in peak working condition, and keep the transporter stations manned at all hours of the day. These, and many others like them, are the tasks enlisted personnel find themselves responsible for everyday.

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